The Suspension of Time Reflections on Simon Dinnerstein and The Fulbright Triptych
The Suspension of Time
Reflections on Simon Dinnerstein and The Fulbright Triptych

Daniel Slager (Hrsg.)

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340 Seiten, paperback, 20 x 24cm, Juni, 2011, auf Englisch

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Featuring an extraordinarily diverse set of contributors - poets and art historians, novelists and Composers, curators, actors, film critics, and more - this collection explores and illuminates a masterpiece of contemporary American art.

"Simon Dinnerstein's Fulbright Triptych is one of those singular and astonishing works of art which seem to imply a description of the whole world merely by insisting on a scrupulous gaze at one perfect instant. It functions as a time capsule and a mirror for its viewers' souls, and so, despite personal and historical referential elements, has become permanently contemporary and universal. No surprise that it has now served as a point of instigation for a cycle of astonishing written responses; this book is like tuning the painting in like a radio, to a station where these responses were always already playing."

—Jonathan Lethem

"In The Suspension of Time, Dinnerstein continues the life of "A". Being an artist, yet also recognizing oneself as the protagonist in an artist's project, must evoke curious and complex feelings - not unlike seeing oneself turn or being turned into a character in a novel."

—J.M. Coetzee

Standing over six feet tall and fourteen feet wide and spanning three Wood Panels, The Fulbright Triptych is a masterpiece of contemporary American art. Reproducing a vast array of visual, literary, and historical references, this striking Family Tableau inspires and challenges the viewer to reflect on the meaning of time, the construction of experience, the nature of Family, and the wonder of art's creation.

Ein junger jüdischer Künstler aus New York reiste 1970 mit seiner Frau nach Europa, um die alten Meister (insbesondere Dürer) zu studieren. Er landet in der Nähe von Kassel in einem kleinem nordhessischen Städtchen (Hessisch-Lichtenau) abseits der Kunstszene voller Kleinbürgerlichkeit. Ausgerechnet dort begann er sein größtes Werk.
Das Triptychon seines Lebens ist voller detailreicher Anspielungen, realistischer Darstellungen und Verknüpfungen mit seinem Leben, seiner Familie, seiner Geschichte, seinen Vorbildern und dem, was ihm sonst noch wichtig ist. Das Buch zeigt viele Details des zimmergroßen und detailreichen Gemäldes und enthält Impressionen zahlreicher bekannter und (seelen-)verwandter Menschen, die sich mit dem Künstler und seinem Werk intensiv auseinandergesetzt haben.

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The Suspension of Time is a collection of essays on Dinnerstein’s masterpiece, The Fulbright Triptych. It includes writing by an extraordinarily diverse range of contributors, from the Pulitzer-Prize-winning novelist Jhumpa Lahiri to acclaimed poet Dan Beachy-Quick, and from art historians such as Colin Eisler, Albert Boime, and Thomas M. Messer to composer George Crumb and actor John Turturro. Each essay in The Suspension of Time offers its unique perspective, but taken as a whole they develop a dialogue of collaboration that directly reflects The Fulbright Triptych’s inherent message of symphonic connectivity, and demonstrate the rich potential for collaboration between visual, literary, musical, and other arts.

Introduction (Daniel Slager)_xvii

You Are the Printmaker_4
(Anthony Doerr)

The Space between the Pictures_11
(Jhumpa Lahiri)

The Home and the World_21
(John Turturro)

Allegory's Face_23
(Dan Beachy-Quick)

The Life of Things_31
(Simone Dinnerstein)

In Dinnerstein's Painting, an Echo Chamber_35
(John Russell)

Pictures of the Lasting World_37
(Rudolf Arnheim)

"Times Suspension" and The Fulbright Triptych_40
(George Crumb)

No One Could Accuse_42
(Thomas M. Messer)

An Exchange of Letters_44
(Gay Daven & Simon Dinnerstein)

The Art of Simon Dinnerstein_50
(Guy Davenport)

The Theology of Art_53
(Edward Sullivan)

Simon Dinnerstein_58
(Philip A. Bruno)

An Unfinished Painting: An Offer_60
An Uncompromising Quality ..._63
(Georg Staempfli)

A Letter to William Hull_65
(Simon Dinnerstein)

Where Are We? When Are We?_70
(Alvin Epstein)

We Are All Haunted Houses_72
(Kate Holden)

Here's Looking at You: Notes on the Triptych of Simon Dinnerstein_74
(Herb Schapiro)

"A view? Oh, a view! How delightful a view is!"_79
(Virginia Bonito)

Simon Dinnerstein's Conceptual Painting: The Fulbright Triptych_89
(Thalia Vrachopoulos)

Three O'Clock at the Burghers of Calais_95
(Juliette Aristides)

An Unanswered Question_101
(Robert Beaser)

The Dinnersteins Enigma_107
(Philippe Grimbert)

Simon Dinnerstein and His Wings_110
(Michael Heller)

Time Comes Back_117
(Maurizio Gregorini)

The World to Come_120
(Daniel Mark Epstein)

The Exit Visa_125
(Louis Menashe)

Where Beauty Lies Next to Violence and Despair_131
(Mary Pope Osborne)

Through Children's Eyes: Entering Simon Dinnerstein's World_136
(Richard Waller)

Time Travel: Revisiting The Fulbright Triptych_141
(Brian W. Goesl)

Begun in Good Faith and High Hopes_146
(Dinitia Smith)

Wide Open_151
(Valerie Sayers)

Painting Pointing Past Itself: Heterogeneity and Contingency in The Fulbright Triptych_156
(Roy Grundmann)

Bild als Bildungsroman_174
(Colin Eisler)

Classicism vs the Unbridled Individual Voice/New York Madness of the Early 70s/And Other Meditations on the Fubright Triptych_179
(David Krakauer)

Two Roads Converge ..._183
(Richard T. Arndt)

Against the Tyranny of Mad Momentum, There Is a Monument_191
(Miller Williams)

A European Perspective_196
(Ulrich Littmann)

To See an Be Seen: The Fulbright Triptych of Simon Dinnerstein_201
(Robert L. McGrath)

Happily Vanquished_208
(Gabriela Lena Frank)

Simon Dinnerstein's Family Romance_215
(Albert Boime)

"Where the Heart Stands in Perfect Sincerity"_243
(Nancy Ekholm Burkert)

The Fulbright Triptych: A Love Story_247
(Renée Dinnerstein)

An Interview with Simon Dinnerstein_250
(Marshall Price)


- The Fulbright Triptych: A Map_288
- Simon Dinnerstein: A Retrospective_293
- Looking at One's Own Artwork_319 (Simon Dinnerstein)
- Artist's Biography_325
- Notes_326
- Contributors_329